Who Are We?


David Tainsh¬†started off in the music event industry in the 90s. A chance meeting with Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia Founder) who introduced him to internet affiliate trade meant a change of career direction and in 1999 he founded Krome Ltd as an internet design company focusing on affordable site design in Docklands, London. Through knowledge gained creating sites for clients and working in the affiliate industry ‘Class Quick‘ was born.

Dr.Mike Tainsh –¬†(BSc, PhD, FCIEHF) is a highly qualified and experienced psychologist who has spent most of his career supporting users working with computer based equipment in complex environments. He has published in refereed journals and conference proceedings. His current work includes projects where compliance is required against Health and Safety Executive goals. This includes ensuring the users meet competency levels of performance. Understanding human abilities and competencies both in recruitment and other situations has always been a major part of his work.

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