Company History & What We Do


Class Quick‘ is designed and operated by ‘Krome Ltd’.

We are a family run small business which was founded in 1999.

In 1998 the Internet was really taking off but very few people knew how to design websites and even fewer still had access to decent hosting. The majority of reputable design companies were focusing on large scale systems.

No one was pushing affordable web design and hosting packages for small companies, sole traders or partnerships.

That is where we came in. We started selling packages starting from £550 with hosting.

We were doing very well until everyone and their Grandma started doing the same!

By then it didn’t really matter anyway as we had already started running our own sites and we discovered that our talents could really be more effectively deployed working in affiliate trade.

We have always been very good at creating innovative ways to generate ‘productive’ cost effective traffic to websites.

There are many ‘golden rules’ in business. One of the main ones is ‘How do you generate a return on advertising?’. Any fool with a credit card can set up a website and then go and buy a shed load of traffic from Google. However, have you generated a return on that investment?

This is where Krome Ltd operates now. We generate returns on investment for internet advertising. We basically create innovative websites which generate productive traffic which we then sell on at below market prices! Simple!


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